Phelps Air Drone Flight Notification

FAA Part 107 regulations specify that drone pilots must notify the operators of airports or helipads that are within five (5) miles of the area where the drone will be flown. With Phelps Air now based at Phelps County Regional Medical Center in Rolla, Missouri, notification must be provided to them if you fly within that area (see map).  As a convenience to drone pilots in the Rolla area, McKune Air has provided this form to notify Phelps Air operations, the crew, and Phelps County Regional Medical Center.  Please complete this form as early as possible before your flight.  You may also contact the Phelps Air (Air Methods) AirCom traffic control by phone at 877-495-7812 to notify them of your flight.

The FAA has installed the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) system at Rolla National Airport.  Drone pilots should use the AirMap mobile app to register your flight with the LAANC system for integration into the national air space.  For drone pilots with access to VHF air band transceivers, you can also communicate directly during your flight operations, to further enhance coordination and safety, using the following information:

- Rolla National Airport, KVIH, CTAF/UNICOM 123.00 MHz
- Rolla Downtown Airport, KK07, CTAF 122.80 MHz
- Phelps Air, Air-to-Air, 123.025 MHz (Only monitored by Phelps Air pilots when they are in the aircraft.)

Note: Rolla Downtown Airport is within five miles of all areas in Rolla, but there is no control tower to notify.  However, you should not fly in the approach of their runway.

All drones over 0.55 pounds must be registered with the FAA. If you have not registered your drone, you can register it here. Visit the FAA website for more information about the FAA and drones.

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